So, my aspiring newBAER, you may be asking yourself “What is there to do in wormholes? I’ve heard all you do is scan.”

Well, while that is true (you want to be in a wormhole corp, you’re going to do a lot of scanning), there are a lot of unique things we can do in wormholes that you can’t do in K-space to find content. Have a seat on Papa Silverback’s lap and I’ll tell you about one of them: Rage Rolling.


Rage rolling is where you roll your static, jump through, kill anything worth killing, go back into your hole, and rinse and repeat. “But Silver, what is a static?” Great Question!

Welcome back. Now that you’ve figured out what a static is , let us continue.

“So what’s the appeal,” you ask. Well if you would shut up for 5 seconds I will tell you. The great thing is, you never know what you will get on the other side of your hole. It’s not uncommon to jump into a system with lots of ratters, miners, or just straight up window lickers on the other side, ripe for the killing. Sure, there will be plenty of times when you roll into empty space, but that’s ok – we go back into our home system, shoot the shit while we roll, and then try again.

“Ok, so you may get to kill some ratters – but what happens if they form up and try to fight you off?” God, you have a lot of questions. Which is good – you learn by asking questions, and if you have never lived in the treacherous wormhole space before, you will have to learn a lot quickly. Back to the topic, though – if they form up for a fight, that means YOU GET TO FIGHT. I love dropping on unsuspecting miners and spreading the Dropbear culture, but what’s even better is a straight up fight. They form up, we reship into bigger ships and slug it out with them. After the fights over, we go back in the hole, role it, and go again. And again. And again. Until we get tired of cleaning the blood off of our ships.

Think this sounds like fun? Hop in our public channel, “dropbears anonymous” to talk to a recruiter and see if you have what it takes to be a Dropbear.