We play Eve on Hard mode. We live in the most challenging environment the game has to offer – Wormhole space. A place with no local chat, no easy means of getting around, and no idea who or what the next hole will bring you. We work hard to find content, keep a logistics chain, and swoop down onto unsuspecting care bears to get dank kills.

We are in the Alliance Friendly Probes, with our sister corp Incertae Sedis (INSRT). We live, fight, and die together. BAERS and INSRT, though different corporations, have virtually the same culture and are closely related.

Our home system is a C5-C5 Red Giant, and for the summer we are also operating out of a C2 with nullsec/C5 static.

What is our corp culture?

What we are looking for:

We are looking for people who are willing to take the initiative for finding content, who are quick learners and are cool dudes to hang out with. Are you willing to put in the effort required for living in the toughest space in one of the toughest games around? Are you not a douchebag? Want to be an FC? This is a great place to learn. Already an experienced FC? Show us what you got. Hop in our public channel, ‘Dropbears Anonymous’ and see if you have what it takes. Are you a team player? We would rather have a newbro with a good attitude who contributes to the corp than a 100mil SP character who only logs in for pings.

We are here for Love

While we do take this game seriously, don’t think it’s all srz bznz all the time. We are a chill, tight knit group of dudes, and when we aren’t in a fight we are chilling in comms having a good time. Real life is real, and we get it. You play when you can, as long as you aren’t a douchebag (IE log in for pings, but when it’s time to scan or roll a connection you disappear). We aren’t going to kick you from corp for an expensive and stupid loss – but we will make fun of you ruthlessly and probably immortalize you in a dank meme. We expect the same from you.

We are newbro friendly, to an extent – you must have Stage 0 complete to join. This isn’t because we are elitist pricks – if you have Stage 0 trained, you can fly some kind of ship in every one of our main doctrines. As long as you can fly something for each doctrines, you can contribute to fights, have fun with your corp bros, and whore on dank kills. If you don’t have these basic skills, it severely limits what you can do in the hole which won’t be fun for you. We have your best interest at heart, trust us.

Here's a link to our skill plans

What We have to offer you:

Do you have what it takes to be a Dropbear? Are you a good motherfucker who can pull his weight and rise to the challenge of wormhole space? Join our ingame channel “Dropbears Anonymous” to talk to a recruiter and come fly with us.