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Rage Rolling

Published on Friday, July 22nd, 2016 by SilverBack Rotineque

So, my aspiring newBAER, you may be asking yourself “What is there to do in wormholes? I’ve heard all you do is scan.”

Well, while that is true (you want to be in a wormhole corp, you’re going to do a lot of scanning), there are a lot of unique things we can do in wormholes that you can’t do in K-space to find content. Have a seat on Papa Silverback’s ...

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Who Are Dropbears Anonymous?

Published on Sunday, July 10th, 2016 by SilverBack Rotineque

We play Eve on Hard mode. We live in the most challenging environment the game has to offer – Wormhole space. A place with no local chat, no easy means of getting around, and no idea who or what the next hole will bring you. We work hard to find content, keep a logistics chain, and swoop down onto unsuspecting care bears to get dank kills.

We are in the Alliance Friendly Probes, with our sister ...

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