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We are Dropbears Anonymous

We are Dropbears, the patriotic, terrifying champions of J-space purity. Founded in July 2013 by glorious eternal leader a DAMN PATRIOT, we live, fight, and die in dangerous wormhole space.

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We are recruiting

Recruitment is now OPEN! Looking for new Baers in all TZs! If your character meets our skill requirements, and you are not total shit at teamwork, wormholing, or Eve, join our public channel 'Dropbears Anonymous' and speak to a recruiter.

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July 2016
Rage Rolling

So, my aspiring newBAER, you may be asking yourself “What is there to do in wormholes? I’ve heard all you do is scan.”

Well ...

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July 2016
Who Are Dropbears Anonymous?

We play Eve on Hard mode. We live in the most challenging environment the game has to offer – Wormhole space. A place with no local ...

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Come fly with us

Talk to a recruiter today!

We are recruiting

We are always looking for fresh pilots to help us succeed in wormhole space.

What we offer

  • A home in a C2 with C5/Null statics as part of the alliance Friendly Probes
  • Discord, Pathfinder, and Fleet-up access to get you shipped up and flying ASAP
  • Scout a dank kill, call in the corp, and YOU get the loot
  • Opportunities for any Dropbear to FC in not-shit doctrines
  • As much wormhole and nullsec PVP and BLOPs as you can handle

What we need from you

The focus of Dropbears Anonymous recruiters is based primarily on the attitude and capabilities of the individual pilot, but we'd like to have a certain base-line of versatility in what our new applicants can do on their first day in BAERS. Our skill plan is relatively minimal (no Cruiser V required, most notably). From a fresh character with +3 implants and a good remap, it's about 80 days of training.

Here's a link to our skill plans - You only need Stage 0 to apply!

Below is a brief overview of what the new Stage 0 skill-plan entails, in general, and why each particular set of skills is important to being a contributing member to a wormhole corporation. Each of the skill sets presented also includes general support skills that will apply to almost all ships and pilots:

  • Sit in all T1/faction/industrial ships.
    • Rolling wormholes, moving looted ships, helping fuel ops, etc.
  • Covert cloak (and MWD+Cloak Trick).
    • Chain/wormhole scouting, general scanning, logoffski ops
    • Relative safety moving through space and while scanning
  • Effectively scan, especially for scouting purposes.
    • Related to above.
  • At least partially T2 armor tank, and fit a Damage Control II.
    • Being able to *not* die in a ball of flames immediately on a fleet op
  • Use jump clones effectively.
    • Getting around the map, seeding clones in particular regions of interest
  • Reasonably use combat boosters.
    • Having a competitive edge, especially in null/W-space engagements.
  • Fly T1 cruiser logistics decently.
    • Logi bros, best bros.
  • Fly an Augoror Navy Issue effectively
    • The Navy Augoror is our go-to fleet ship for newer members

So that's the long and short of it: recruitment is open, and those that meet the Stage 0 requirements are encouraged to visit our public channel in-game "dropbears anonymous" and speak with a recruiter about what life in BAERS is like, what we look for in prospective BAERS, and ask any other questions you might have about the bastion of American Freedom and Democracy that Dropbears Anonymous embodies.

If you do not have the skill requirements yet, we suggest that you join up with Spectre Fleet to get some experience of flying ships in PVP fleets, if you don't have any yet.

Prove your worthiness - fly eternal, shiny and chrome, in the wilds of Anoikis!

„Wormhole life is an adventure,
so be prepared to die in a glorious fire!“

About Us

We play Eve on Hard mode. We live in the most challenging environment the game has to offer – Wormhole space. A place with no local chat, no easy means of getting around, and no idea who or what the next hole will bring you. We work hard to find content, keep a logistics chain, and swoop down onto unsuspecting care bears to get dank kills.

What is our corp culture?

  • First and foremost – Dropbears is a brotherhood. If we are logged in, we are in comms shooting the bull, scanning down the chain, or coordinating an op of some sort. We look out for each other. We help each other out. We make fun of each other, and learn from our mistakes as well as our victories.
  • We are a PVP focused corp. PVP comes before everything else - it doesn’t matter what you’re doing, if you hear a call for ships, you drop it and come get in the fight.
  • Everyone pulls their weight. You can’t freeload in a wormhole corp. In the harsh living conditions of J-space, you have to work for everything. It takes teamwork to scan down the wormhole chain, to roll holes, to hunt for content or places to make isk – it doesn’t just happen automatically. The more everyone chips in, the less work it is on the individual and the better chance we have of getting sweet, sweet content.
  • We aren’t going to hold your hand. We are newbro friendly (as long as you meet the Dropbears Stage 0 Skill Plan– more on this later), no wormhole experience required and there is a ton of collective knowledge throughout the alliance. But if we have to explain the same thing to you over and over, you’re going to struggle and we are going to get annoyed. Google is your friend. Use it.

We are here for Love

While we do take this game seriously, don’t think it’s all srz bznz all the time. We are a chill, tight knit group of dudes, and when we aren’t in a fight we are chilling in comms having a good time. Real life is real, and we get it. You play when you can, as long as you aren’t a douchebag (IE log in for pings, but when it’s time to scan or roll a connection you disappear). We aren’t going to kick you from corp for an expensive and stupid loss – but we will make fun of you ruthlessly and probably immortalize you in a dank meme. We expect the same from you.

What We have to offer you:

  • TS3, Discord, Siggy, and Fleet-up access to get you shipped up and flying ASAP
  • Variety. In wormhole life, every day is different. Our home static gives us opportunities to fight new and different people every day, lots of different ways to make isk, perform logistics, and of course to fight new and different people every day. Don’t like what the chain has given you? Simply roll and scan until you find something you do like.
  • A chance to learn to FC; if you want content, a lot of times you have to make it. If you’ve ever thought you want to learn how, BAERS provides a means of trial by fire.
  • All the blops you can handle
  • We have citadels in our hole for safe storage of ships and clones and bragging to your friends who don’t have citadels
  • A competitive SRP program
  • A comprehensive wiki written by BAERS past and present on how to survive in J-space
  • Good dudes to fly and blow up spaceships with
  • A super sweet Dubtrack channel

Think you have what it takes to join BAERS? Hop in our in-game recruiting channel, ‘dropbears anonymous’ to talk to a recruiter and find out. We also have a public discord channel (link here) if you want to chat with us!